Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, I did it

I turned in my resignation to my corporation on the forums. In a couple of days, I'll be gone from UGH.

Between our tenure flying with Queens of the Stone Age (QotSA), then reforming into the Uninvited Guests (UGH), I've spent nearly two years with these pilots. I respect them, I'm friends with them, and can't put to words the debt of gratitude I owe them for the fun and support they've collectively lent to me. Leaving the UGH fold is like leaving home to make a life for myself: I'll miss them dearly, however I'm optimistic for the things I can do.

I don't know whether I should start a solo corp, join a pirate entity or go into faction warfare. The sky's the limit, and I have a very, very dusty resume to update!


  1. Here's where it gets interesting. ;)

    Whatever you choose to do, I hope you hang around where we're at right now. It's good to fly with you. Hopefully we'll actually get some kills together soon!

  2. It was like ripping my own heart out when I realised it was time to leave UWoF, and I made some decisions that in hindsight were pretty stupid. May you have better luck than I did ^_^

  3. Making the break from a corp or alliance that you have grown attatched to is surprisingly hard to do, especially if you are the type that has a high regard for loyalty. How much more so when your only real reason is so you can get a new perspective of the field.

    A respected friend and mentor of mine once gave me the encouraging advice "In EvE, your pilot is a business entity. At the end of the day, every move you make is either good business or bad business; the decision to remain attached to a larger entity is ultimately based on your own personal business...

    ...And in business with this much competition, you have to be ruthless."

    Having created the Vile Rune Guild as a nexus point of a wider operation forced me to leave the corporation that I was a member of, and of course because I was running solo I could see no reason to shell out fees to be within any alliances either. It was a tough decision but looking back it was one of the best personal ones that I have made in the game.