Thursday, December 25, 2008

Possible bug!

Just a heads up to those that employ weapon grouping, or Jump Clones: there may be a bug that will result in modules not activating that involves either of these two features. I recently loss a Harbinger in part to four of seven of my lasers not activating. What caused this to occur is unknown to me, but I had been experiencing problems before my loss, associated with using a Jump Clone and attempting to group my weapons together.

Specifically, I used a Jump Clone to travel to a different region of space to PvP. I activated a Harbinger, to find several of the modules offline. Attempting to turn these modules online met with failure, and a message repeating that the modules are already online.

The fix for this is to relog, and those modules that refused to turn online will finally online. However, I soon undocked and attempted to group my lasers to one function slot. I received a message that the weapons were already in a function group, and that I shoud clear them before attempting again. The guns didn't have any charges in them, and they were the same type of module. The guns accepted charges, but when I made to use them on a target, some, in my case four of seven, refused to operate.

I don't know if this was caused by using a Jump Clone, or attempting to group my weapons together, or both. I haven't had this sort of trouble before with modules not activating, apart from lag. It wasn't lag as I was able to employ drones and other modules such my rep and MWD perfectly fine. Let this be a warning to pilots out there that there is a problem with weapon grouping and/or Jump Clones which is extremely problematic. If you happen to use a Jump Clone, and have the same sort of issues with weapon grouping, find something to shoot, such as an asteroid, and test if your weapons that you attempted to group are indeed functional. If not, file a petition so that we can see this problem resolved in short order.


  1. I observed similar behaviour happening after clone jumping too. I have a feeling it is mostly happening when I dock/log on and jump clone immediately. It feels like one should 30s before and after clone jumping waiting, instead of doing something immediately. It feels like that clone jump timer that is similar to one of ship activation is not working error free.

  2. I also had a similar issue, and went through with the petitioning process to discover a possible solution. The results are posted on my blog, using the same title as this original article.

    I hope it helps.