Thursday, December 4, 2008


Not much going on of late, just a few cruiser kills here and there. I have caught the attention of several anti-pirate groups in the area, but so far no conflicts resulting in an appreciable killmails yet. What is of interest to me is finishing the layout of this blag, and I was hoping to employ my esteemed readers in doing so.

What I really would like is an appropriate banner for the journal. Any readers who are adept at photo editing software, or could point the way to an adept will gain my admiration. I am more than willing to toss isk towards anyone that helps me as compensation, or buy pretty faction ships/modules if that's your thing. Evemail me or shoot me a convo in game, and we can sort out the rest there.

1 comment:

  1. Ahoy matey, a fine blog ya got turning out here. Looking forward to the ensuing violence!

    Come down to the 'independence' channel too. It's for all freedom loving bastards, instigated by non other than Flashfresh the pirate; if that whets your scuppers.