Monday, December 22, 2008


"How long have you been at it?"
"An hour now."
"Have you had any luck with it?"
"Haven't beat anyone yet."
"You're not very good at that game are you?"

Empty systems. Fleeting glimpses of pilots, only to watch them dock or move a system over. Landing on a target, only to have it slip away.

Pirating is a matter of persistence, of putting forward effort to yield uncertain results. It's unlike most other activities in Eve Online, as you're not ensured a steady result. Time spent doesn't equate to targets killed. Rather, it increases the chances of happening upon a tangible engagement.

A friend of mine once said that instead of waiting for PvP to happen to them, pilots should go look for it. He understood you don't need a gang, an expensive ship, or even a plan beyond 'look for someone to blow up' to have fun. It is too simple to blind oneself with KB statistics and avoid challenging engagements. It is all too easy to forget from the safety of familiarity that change is good, and exploration should be welcomed in our lives. Giving up an hour to a roam which results in nothing is preferable to spending that time mindlessly grinding PvE or sampling station fare.

I challenge my readers to do just this: to seek excitement, to damn the consequences, and to realize themselves in PvP. Venture away from what's accepted in your Eve experience, and try something different. Experiment. Explore.

PvP in Eve is a many faceted thing; enjoy sampling each aspect!


  1. Seconded! I love wandering about, just looking for trouble. Sometimes it finds me, sometimes I find it...either way, the sudden need to think fast and prevail or get out and save my ass is such a rush! Ya know, we busted a guy in a 7/10 escalation plex last night and then proceeded to work at finishing the plex to get the next escalation. We were did not have vast amounts of DPS so it took awhile to chew through the rats. OMG, what a GRIND. I don't know how in the hell mission runners do that all day long as their primary activity in the game. I really thought I was going to die of boredom. So yeah...getting out there and taking initiative without knowing what's waiting for you is so much more fun.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Sard.

  2. Sounds to me like you need to take some of your own advice.

    If there are no targets in your "fishing ground" go to another "lake".

    Just don't shoot at me :P

  3. Heh, yeah Derken. I kind of went on a tangent with this post and ended up staying with it.

    Currently I'm planning a wardec, and am waiting for some intel to come in before starting the war. In the mean time, I'm doing my thing, which involves plenty of explosions!