Sunday, December 28, 2008

Completely unrelated to Eve

My final grade was posted for the fall school semester.

I did EXACTLY what I needed to do with my classes, and in some places exceeded expectations. For about a year now I've been having issues keeping focused on school work, and had been experiencing serious decay in my GPA. With 2008 over, I'm really looking forward to excelling in my studies.

If I don't update before new years, let this be my proxy wish for all my readers: I hope everyone accomplished the goals they had for 2008, and that we have the best of luck in 2009!


  1. Gratz! All best wishes for a great 2009 for you, my dear.

  2. Hehe it's not as unrelated to EvE as you may think... It has been speculated that a pilot's rankings on a killboard grow in inverse proportion to the overall academic progress of the player behind that pilot...

    Excellence in both endeavors is my wish to you.

  3. School comes first. That way you can get a good job and pay for your MMO habits.