Wednesday, December 21, 2011

stream 2

Just a quick update, you can follow my stream status by following me on twitter, @SardCaid.

I've also enabled Youtube to archive my broadcasts as well as highlights, linked here.

I'll eventually look into putting in a twitter feed on this blag, but that's for another time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


A few months ago I upgraded my PC, and have since been able to do a lot more with my games, such as running several clients on a dual monitor setup, recording fights at 1080p resolution, while running utility programs in the background, music, so forth. More recently I've been trying out live video streaming of my PvP, and currently am able to run at 800p resolution with HD quality.

You can see some of the results of the streaming online at, linked here. This is the highlights section where I clipped out fights from the roaming/waiting. Unfortunately the really interesting stuff that occurred Sunday of last week had bad audio, but I've since solved that problem in recent stream sessions.

I intend to try to stream regularly around 6-9 PM PST doing my normal PvP thing around MH and surrounding regions. has some social media functions, so I'm going to try to get myself in the tweet fleet, and have the stream automatically post that I've begun streaming there.

I think I might start using these recordings for the analysis I used to do in the past in this blag. I don't intend to have this be a substitute for written content, however given that this is something that's drawing me back into the game, I'll be focusing on integrating streaming into my game play as well as my blag here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Much has happened since my last addition to this journal. RANSM exploded with members, at one point reaching around 45 players, firmly establishing our presence as a dominant force in Molden Heath. Now we have been reduced to a comfortable 25 members, while still maintaining ourselves as the alpha pirate group in our little slice of EVE.

Concluding the summer slowdown period for the corp, I spearheaded PvP efforts, leading nano BC gangs starting in September continuing consistently into October of '11. The result of training for the Drake, encouraging its use in the corp and coupled with ganglink support was monstrous: more ISK damage and kills were had by me during these two months than in the previous 6 months combined. I set a personal record in September as well for both total kills and damage done in a single month.

I can't stress enough how much the Drake affected that outcome. Its ability to absorb damage passively coupled with the 80km range of the HML meant that though gang members were often weaving in and out of a fight evading tackle and jockeying for position, all of our vessels were in range to apply consistent DPS on the primary target. All of our ships were able to adjust their damage type to the tank of the target. In addition to this, PODLA variants in the fleet which sported two webs in the place of invulns supplied vital range control, allowing us to deal with tacklers effectively. I'm happy to say from the results of these two months that the corp knows its own power: we're a very effective small gang organization when we decide to be.

November has been tainted with the urge of several of our top PvPers and FCs, including myself to take a break to carebear, or just from the taxing role of fleet command. This has resulted so far in a lackluster showing on the killboard, but in the end, we're just here to have fun.

Notable occurrences:

Laktos, an AUS member has released two PvP videos since joining the corp, Intolerance 1 and Intolerance 2. Great videos, and hint to those that enjoyed them: the next one in the series will involve plenty of Tempest action.

xxxAlloxxx, a CAN member has also been trying his hand at PvP video production. He's been working closely with Laktos to learn the ropes of solo PvP as well as video editing and production, and I'm looking forward to his growth as a PvPer.

Dirty Protagonist
has begun blagging again, and I recommend you peak over to his site to get another view from within the corp. He also hosted a forum signature contest, which resulted in the image below. It's damned suiting.