Saturday, November 29, 2008


Still working on the layout for this blag, but I may as well start off the thing.

I started this to follow my experiences through PvP in EVE: to explain engagements, flesh out strategies, and delve into whatever silliness I get myself into next. I balance my PvP experience between nullsec and lowsec, and usually find myself in solo or small gang settings. My corporation jointly formed an alliance, Rote Kapelle recently, which has reintroduced medium sized gangs back into my EVE experience. Personally, I still do my damnedest to keep the gangs small and find the nastiest fights I can win my way through!

Currently I can be found pirating in the Molden Heath region, or harassing Foundati0n in Great Wildlands. My alliance is based out of Placid region, where I have a jump clone to join in on the fun. I'm as opportunistic as my ships capacities allow me, and generally try to find new ways to blow others up, preferably with the ship intact.

I fly All minmatar ships from frigates to battleships, T1 and T2 variants, with the exception of logistics and command ships. I've crosstrained into Amarr, where I fly everything from frigates to battlecruisers in size, same exeptions as with minmatar.

Links to The Uninvited Guests and Rote Kapelle killboards can be found to the right.

Well, I suppose that can wrap things up for an introduction into me. Looking forward to moving into the meat of this blag: posting about violence!

Friday, November 28, 2008