Sunday, April 26, 2009

read this

From Venom, in response to my post about solo PvP:

"Hey Sard, I've been meaning to comment on this but just never got around to it, better 6 weeks later than not at all, no?

I appreciate this post, as I try to manage and learn to be a solo pirate as much as I learn to be in a group. I like both, I'm good a following directions but there is something appealing about being solo.

The part you mention about keeping a positive outlook and assessing where the fun comes from, well that was just plain good stuff.

I have a group of friends in hi-sec who are in a corp with an alt of mine. We tried hi-sec wardecing and invited some great players at PVP that we knew from what we started.

Why is it I hate hi-sec pvp vs low sec piracy? I thought it was the mechanics or the difference stations play, no that's not it.

The key was, pirates (well my pirates, bastards and hellcats) have a positive outlook on killing and being killed, we seek fun and if that means a ship is lost, oh well. Yet with my buddies in hi-sec, they were wrapped up in worries about KB stats and lost ships, often yelling or insulting others in fleet for things they in fact were the issue and not everyone else.

So when I'm asked why I like low-sec and piracy better, I say it's all about the positive mental attitude I have to losing a ship and the easy going folks who I run with.

Fun is the key, stress is at work, don't bring it to EVE."

How's about not spying and responding to your comment in three weeks myself? =3

While you can have easy going fun PvP anywhere, it's difficult to find respectable partners in crime without the accompanying baggage that takes the fun out of it: I'm talking about epeen waving over KB porn, smack talk, and the other immature garbage that goes along with that kind of attitude. Playing with like minded folk that respect your method about the game is huge. Finding friends open to the reality that so much drama occurs over a video game is just as big.

You win a cookie girl. Next time I'm in game, your insight will earn you a treat from my goodies hanger.


  1. wooooohooooo I win a cookie form Sard!! :D

  2. 'We have a positive outlook on killing and being killed' - love that phrase. Should be a motto of our corp somewhere.

    Solo work is the dogs bollocks when you can pull it off but it is hard and massive challenge both logistically and mentally. Still, fun is and always has to be, the key to enjoying internet space ships.


  3. Choosing your fellow pilots wisely in this game is the key to fun. And by wisely, I mean seeking folks who are on the same page as yourself.

    I feel very privileged to fly with my fellow Hellcats, The Bastards, and occasionally my favorite individuals like you, Sard...all of y'all make the game fun for me by the fact that you are intelligent, have excellent senses of humor, are good pilots, and yet never forget that it IS a game and that good times can be had win or lose when it comes to PvP.