Sunday, April 26, 2009

the ideal gang

This question has been asked many times in my past, and admittedly was affected much by the meta at the time, as well as who was asking the question and who was answering! However, I feel passing it by my readership would provide interesting insight into the dynamic of small gang PvP in EVE at the present. So, here's my query:

Given the option for any ship combinations, what would be your ideal gang composition when roaming through lowsec for fights? How would it change for a two man, five man and ten man gangs respectively? Please explain your selection: from a standpoint of cost, synergy, objectives, strategy and fun, why are your choices ideal?

And while I'm not trying to limit my readership per se, no capital ships in your selection. Anything beyond that is fair game.

(For those nullsec only folks, I'll be posting a followup inquiry for that as well, so sit tight with your master plans)


  1. For a two man gang, I would prefer two basically solo ships. For instance:

    Buffer Tank Vexor
    Light Neutron IIs, Med Nos, Small Nos
    Web, Scram, MWD
    1600mm, EAMN, DCII, etc
    2x Ogre, 2x Hammer, 1x Hobgob

    Dual Rep Myrm
    220mm AC IIs, 1x Med Remote Rep
    Web, Disruptor, MWD, Cap Booster
    2x MAR II, EAMN, DCII, etc

    Ogres, Hammers, Warriors

    Having two different size ships does make it harder to keep them together, but it allows you to counter all sizes of opposition. Ten drones out on the target at all times can over saturate them, and with a RR on the Myrm, you can get the best of both types of tank on the Vexor.

    It can get a little pricey, especially with T2 Ogres and a full T2 fit on the Myrm, but this setup should be able to take anything BC and down, and even many BSs, if you can get under their guns.

    I dont really have any experience with anything bigger than a three man gang, so I am going to refrain from commenting there, other than saying that a dedicated Interceptor tackler and then 2 Cruisers, 2 BCs seems like a valid idea.

  2. My favourite gang is the frigate wolfpack. Generally when I call corp ops that's the theme. The gang usually consists of a bunch of whatever frigates, assault frigates, and close range 'ceptors people want to bring for damage; one or two long range interceptors for tacking and scouting duties; and an e-war wing with, ideally, a Sentinel, Keres, and Kitsune so we can effectively neutralise our prey.

    We've had good success with this kind of gang. Its easy to command and we've taken down an Orca before as well as nearly getting a Vindicator before its support fleet showed up.

    That's my preference, anyway.

  3. For larger fleets, I'm a fan of the frigate and AF wolfpack myself, having seen a fleet of 10 or 12 of us in those things take down 3 battleships at once or a Rorqual. For smaller fleets, say 6 members or so, it's nice to have a cruiser or two in there...and if you can field one, an ECM boat to hopefully counter other ECM boats and keep the fight on a level playing field as much as possible. For solo work, by far I prefer my Rifter. Though sometimes I just can't resist undocking the bling in the form of a Firetail or something.