Monday, May 6, 2013


Looking back through my past couple of posts, I'm partly amazed that it's been three years since the type of battle report content I used to document with this journal.  I don't think I'll ever move back to or recapture that type of writing, especially with the majority of my PvP documented in video form through my stream.  I love reading EVE through written language: attempting to capture the experience and translate it into writing is an act very similar to making strokes with a paintbrush onto canvas.  Writing lends to interpretation of events that are very unique for every participant, and to this day I relish the new entries made by friends and aquaintences across New Eden.

However, my stream doesn't capture everything that I want to say, or in a form that I wish to say it.  While I'm able to broadcast my PvP adventures, explain minutia, tactics, strategy, mechanics, analyze fights on the fly and enjoy PvP with an audience, there are times that discussion about game features, mechanics and quirks leave more to be said than answered.  I find myself fleshing out issues over and over, debating and refining my opinion to the point where I feel I've reached an apex regarding my thoughts on one topic or another.  A blag is a fine place to list said thoughts, and use the entries as a launching point for further debate and potentially action.

Thus, I'm going to attempt a different approach to EVE blagging and see if I can breathe life into Broadside once more.  After all these years, including the many dark years of content from 2010 to present I've stayed true to the path I'd found most rewarding in small gang and solo PvP.  My preference has still been with lowsec, though I've spent many, many hours roaming though nullsec looking for fights.  As such the focus of entries will likely be with game mechanics, features and issues which revolve around these areas of EVE Online.


  1. Love you forever. Get sad in the pants when you stream and I can't watch. Good luck with revitalizing the blarg.

  2. Do it! JUST DO IT!!