Wednesday, December 21, 2011

stream 2

Just a quick update, you can follow my stream status by following me on twitter, @SardCaid.

I've also enabled Youtube to archive my broadcasts as well as highlights, linked here.

I'll eventually look into putting in a twitter feed on this blag, but that's for another time.


  1. They have a blogspot widget you can add to your sidebar for twitter, works pretty well, have it on mine as well :)

  2. I'm going to follow Sard Caid on twitter like a boss. :)

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  4. Your youtube link is wrong. it points to sardcaid but it is 5 years old and just has a FPS video

  5. It's actually the correct link. I've enabled Twitch to move past broadcasts over, but it hasn't occurred yet. I don't know if I have to do so manually or if it's done automatically.

    I'll work on it in the coming days.