Friday, July 9, 2010


It’s been some time since my last entry. Here’s a review of what I’ve been up to during the past five months:

• Active tanked battleships
• The Sleipnir
• Wardecs
• Combat boosters
• Pirate implants
• Logistics ships

I’m still based in Molden Heath, indeed making trips to other regions less frequently as I engage what’s available on my home turf. My corporation remains bone thin, though efforts at managing security status has allowed for forays into highsec space to engage war targets located there. I abandoned Aggressive Dissonance sometime in February, refocusing RANSM as a no blue lowsec PvP corporation. No hard feelings what so ever, as indeed I’ve missed having a reliable ‘big brother’ to call upon if something juicy comes around.

Along with combat boosters, I’ve been steadily skilling my main, finishing those ship skills whose hulls I find enjoyable to V (all sub caps bar T2 battleships and EAS). This has allowed me to enjoy command ships and logistics, which has led to some intensely enjoyable PvP over the past few months. Flying solo logistics in the form of Oneiros and Scimitars is a fun challenge in lowsec, while the Sleipnir is the nastiest ship I’ve flown for fast moving small gangs. Regarding the sleip: it’s fun to enjoy faction mods coupled with a skill intensive T2 ships. Their synergy is impressive.

With Aggressive Dissonance out of the picture, my PvP has shifted: nullsec is usually solo focused, while lowsec trends toward small gangs as I pair with local pirates to take on larger or elusive opponents. Something Rotten corporation, based out of Istodard, has become something of a sister corporation to my own, as it’s an odd day that I don’t have at least one member of theirs in my gang, or myself in one of theirs. Indeed, the leader of Something Rotten [520], Dirty Protagonist, has managed to draw the pirate population of Molden Heath together. While they still engage in combat with each other, pirate corporations are able to communicate intel and band together to take on intruding organizations, such as anti pirates and nullsec alliances on lowsec holiday.

Overall, I’ve been involved in a lot of interesting action, switching up the groove every few weeks to try out different tactics, fittings or ships in PvP. I look forward to sharing my experience with these experiments, as I feel I’m ready to resume posting entries again.


  1. OMFG a Serd Cain E(ON)-Famous post.

    I think I owe you some isk for updating before me.

    I am excited to see more though. I missed your blagging.

  2. You could say whatever agreed to bet is still on, because this is filler.