Friday, January 1, 2010


It’s been a long time with no writing. Fortunately for my audience, individuals within ERIS have taken to reading my blag and have been nagging me over vent to quit slacking. Forgive this gladiator his idling: my new year’s resolution shall be to forgo my scholarly and familial obligations to deliver to you quality PvP reports, analysis and stratgery on a daily basis. Well, something like that.

The time since my last post has been good to me. I’ve been able to form a rough basis of what I wish to do in the coming months. Intriguingly, my intentions for 2010 reach back to my explorations into PvP December of 2008, around when I first began this enterprise of small gang piracy and blagging. Hopefully this year I can maintain a tempo for myself that supports consistent action without the eventual EVE burnout which often follows.

Planned for the new year:

- Active recruitment
- Fitting/piloting experimentation
- Increased small gang activities
- W-hole exploration/exploitation
- PvP blagging competitions
- Lowsec PvP promotions
- RP writing

Further explanation with future posts. I hope everyone had fantastic winter solstice celebrations with friends and family, and are looking forward to this new year with as much elation as myself!


  1. Glad to see ya back Sard. :)
    Looking forward to seeing what ya come up with this coming year.

  2. I concur, very glad to see you back into blogging, and strapping back into your POD again, Sardie.


  3. Sard! Sorry to see you leaving Rote though we never really had many chances to fly together. Good luck out there with ERIS. Looking forward as always to your next posts.

  4. Not joining ERIS.

    Thanks, fly reckless.