Sunday, December 6, 2009


Scheduled combat report put off in order to build anticipa. . . because I felt like it. Conclusion to previous entry in a few days.

A reply from Ombey after commenting on one of his recent blag posts got me thinking about my future in EVE, specifically what I could be doing right now. Well, I’m quite content with what I’m doing, however there’s a distinction between awesome solo lowsec PvP, and awesome small gang lowsec PvP: one can be done anywhere, while the other can only be done in a populated corp. Lacking comrades in my own organization, I’m left considering whether I should leave to join another. This quandary leads immediately to who I could possibly join that could meet my needs?

I have my friends in Rote Kapelle and Aggressive Dissonance, who have proven themselves able gang mates both past and present. However their emphasis on nullsec PvP has always estranged my relationship with them, especially STUGH, which has lacked coherence of late. That aside, it’s an easy bet that I could return to visit, joining gangs to do exactly as I do now with them. So the tried and true is out.

My old allies around Molden Heath have for the most part moved on or faded away. Triksterism, while never much of an ally but a friend regardless left to do his own thing, leaving that association fallow. Capital Punishment folded some time ago, and its principle members are now spearheading Aggressive Dissonance, dismissed previously. The Black Sinisters crowd is still functioning in Molden Heath, however I don’t feel like being that one guy in the off time zone, logging in when corpmates are either waking up or going to bed. So that’s out of the question.

In my time combating Foundati0n and now Republic Alliance, I’ve drawn the respect of several of their pilots, so I probably have a foot in the door with their organization. However, they’re NRDS, so sod that.

Well, what’s left? What’re some of my dream corporations I could join?

Well, I hear Club Bear is starting up again. The Bears are also in the same alliance housing Garmon, Laedy and a few other friends from my Molden Heath past, all flying together under the banner of PvP movie pwnage. Having flown with Garmon, I’d definitely enjoy working with him as well, if there wasn’t that nasty time zone difference between us.

The Accursed are home to another dream team of pilots whose names coincide with my favorite EVE PvP flicks. I’m unsure if they’re even open for recruitment, though I’d like to imagine my resume would be up to par, considering our methods for PvP run parallel with each other. Definitely a good option if I could get in.

Raxip made it into Veto Academy; I always have the option of joining Veto proper, especially with my old corpmate vouching for me. From all Raxip has asserted, PvP in the VETO fold is a glorious thing. Now if only I could catch the bastard online to iron out details, I might give this some serious thought.

Last but definitely not least, there’s the alliance that started this whole line of thinking: Ursha’Khan. They RP. They fly Minnie. They shoost Amarr. They’re cloak-faggy. They’ve been around forever doing what I love best, small gang PvP. Just about anyone who’s played this game at some point wanted to join them or shoot them, without ever having seem them in space, merely due to the concept behind their alliance being that cool. They represent what this whole Minmatar thing is about, or at least that’s what it said in the back story. Well, I can’t remember distinct details, but that sounds about right.

If it were up to me, I’d have a run with all these corporations/alliances like a man through a buffet, sampling each in turn for a few months until I found the one that suited me. The cool thing about most of these organizations is that I know a few pilots from each of them: I know they’re full of nice people, and are chill about details like that. It’d be okay for me to move on after giving my best, and come back if I decide they were actually ‘the one’.

I’m not sure where I want to end up, and considering the dynamic theater of EVE, I’m comfortable with that. I know what I like about this game, what I dislike, what I want and what I need to avoid. It’s amusing to consider that these concepts were in flux for so long; however it’s only after a few years that I have really established with myself what is enjoyable about this MMO, and what will likely bring about that joy in abundance. So with that in mind, I think I’m going to send out a few mails, join a channel or two and get a feel for just what’s available out there. Who knows: perhaps by 2010, Sard will once again be trying something completely different.


  1. GL with whatever you get into, hon. And you're always welcome in our gangs if you happen to be in the area ;3

  2. I joined Ushra'Khan (U'K) and haven't looked back. It's pretty damn cool, and I'm in the best corp of the alliance. You want PVP? There's more PVP than you'd know what to do with. You want solo PVP? The number of U'K pilots that go roaming by themselves into enemy territory is inspiring, especially with the kills they get. You want fleet PVP? Every day there are fleets of between 5-50 pilots forming up to either go roaming through enemy territory, or to defend U'K territory from the enemy.

    It's awesome fun, with lots to do, lots to contribute, and lots of great pilots to hang out with while defending the Minmatar and killing Amarr.

    Happy to discuss privately if you want. Look me up if you do.

  3. Second Alexia's pro U'K post,

    Only recently joined their ranks and still quite inexperienced. But after a few false starts trying to get into EVE and then wandering lost for some months this go around, I must say I think I lucked out and have found my home now.

    Very active group of friendly people that are always out and about making things explode, wealth of knowledge, stable leadership, a sense of purpose *shakes fist evil slaver scum* to their violence.

    I can't believe I've been in the alliance for nearly a month, I feel I've barely scratched the surface. I'd also be happy to rant on about them to you in chat if you have an interest.


  4. I hear a lot of good things about U'K. Good luck whatever you choose to do. You'll be an asset to any corp, my dear. I love flying with ya.

  5. How would you like to join my Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) as a trainer of lowsec PVP? Residency would be in nullsec, and there'd be plenty of nullsec PVP opportunities, but I think a man of your skills and experience might enjoy being a trainer / fleet commander of pilots that want to learn what you can teach them...

    Contact me if you want to discuss your options. :)

  6. STUGH seems to be picking up again headed into winter, as is common for us, though it seems that the weekdays are as quiet as I have ever seen them. People working and all that! :)

    I can't believe you are making me wait to find out what happened with that engagement you were nominally on both sides of! Especially since I have flown with all the people involved! And am currently in STIM/STUGH Ahhh well I guess I can wait a bit more.

    I have also been trying out a few new things and one that is a whole new rush is continuing to raid WH's and fight the odds there. I know there are quite a few people that you know doing the same, but doing it solo can be even more rewarding than solo in lowsec or 0.0. I find because the fights tend to be less blobby, no extra blob waiting just one system out. Worrying about the WH behind you tends to add more to the fights as well as wondering just what else is lurking in the system with you as you fight. Pretty decent rush, but the time investment can be heavy, but no more than finding a decently even fight in 0.0 and lowsec I assume.

    With your skills I would say looking to either teaching others how to do the same, or join another corp with the motto of 1 > 2, though those corps seem harder and harder to find if they actually stick to that motto.

  7. I've been watching the killboard of late, and the HAC/BC gangs that have been going look like great fun! I have no doubt that I'll stick it in STUGH for a few weeks to see if leadership can turn around the alliance (which seems to be occuring), however I'd like to keep my options open, therefore the thought exercise here.

    W-space is DEFINITELY something I'd like to touch in the future; with my PvE alt now highly capable with probes, using W-space to either travel to other regions or as a front for further PvP looks both fun and highly profitable.

    I don't mind sharing my experience with solo/small gang PvP with others. In fact, my time with Raxip showed that I've always more to learn about my trade, as well as SP is by no means a boundary to fun PvP. However I'd like to avoid being thrust into a position where I have to *deal* with people rather than share and have fun with them, which should answer BC's comment above.