Thursday, February 5, 2009

under construction 3

Finally rotated the banner to another that was produced for me (I'll link the player that did the work when I have access to Eve again). Also completed a few aesthetic alterations to the blog. To those that are capable and interested, I am still accepting new banners to use for my blag, and am in need of a banner rotation script to display them all. If you decide you'd like to contribute, complete a banner roughly 640x145 (or to that ratio) pixels in size under the theme of a broadside. The more individual the style, the better. In the past I've payed out 10m isk for a banner, though feel free to haggle me for more money.

It's been a rough week for me, and on top of it all I haven't had secure access to Eve for about two weeks now. As things stand, I finally have internet at my appt, however all ports are closed except for internet browsers and a few chat applications. At least now I can view KB and blag information at home, which means I'm a hell of a lot more comfortable making posts. Expect a regular schedule of a post every 2-4 days as able.


  1. Man, your internet really got owned, huh. Well, hope to see you around soon, I have a Jag I wanna test on you :)

  2. Good new pic! But I liked the old one as well ;)

    Hope you can get into EVE soon, and I hope you find a solution to the banner thing.

    Check out my site, I have rotating banners, but it's not on BlogSpot (LOL I'm trying to sway you over to WordPress).

  3. Hey Sard, this is Raven. If you wish for me to resize that image as it looks slightly squashed, let me know.

  4. ♥ Thanks for the update. We are missin' you in EVE, dear.