Saturday, January 3, 2009

Solo Sard 3

Stay and Play: the Huginn way

About a week before the holiday break, I had finished training Recon Ships skill to four, and was ready to rock both the Amarr and Minmatar recon ships. It wasn't until the 25th of December that I finally took a Huginn out to test its fangs. This is an incredible ship, and even with the QR changes it didn't disappoint.

Not thirty minutes after undocking from my highsec port in Arnola, I found myself engaged with a Stabber in Heild. In true holiday spirit, the Stabber had warped to a planet, and challenged the locals to fight in a free for all brawl. I obliged him, and after arriving at the planet from warp, I placed full tackle on his cruiser, including two range bonused Webifiers. The speedy Stabber was reduced to a crawl, and I cruised to a comfortable 14km away to rend the pilot's pod from his ship. Previous fighting with a Thorax saw my cruiser opponent with severe armor damage, and his ship was capable of little more than marring my shields before exploding.

Seconds after the Stabber was erased from existence, the Thorax he sparred with arrived at the planet. Once more I applied tackle, and having landed over a dozen kilometers away, the Thorax could do little more than harass my Huginn with its flight of Hammerheads. The Thorax met a textbook fate for engaging a Minmatar recon ship.

I decided to stop with these kills, and head to Egbinger to drop off the blooded Huginn. Fate would have another target on the horizon, and after landing on the station in Egbinger to dock, an instinctual scan of the surrounding space yielded a Thorax in the vicinity. I cancelled my dock order, and narrowed down the scan results to a belt close by. I initiated warp, shaking my head at my luck: it hadn't been much more than five minutes after waiting down my GCC and moving on that I found another target.

I landed at the belt, and after placing tackle, proceeded to gank the shit out from underneath the unlucky pilot's feet. His pod slipped away after his ride exploded all around him; all the more loot for me. I docked up and logged off for the time being. The day was still young, I needed to attend to my family, and I could do so wearing an inward smirk: I have a new favorite ship to play with!


  1. Nice trio of kills! You're giving me the itch to do more solo stuff.

  2. Solo PvP is a harsh mistress. I'll be posting on that soon™.

  3. Awesome post, really got me thinking about Recon ships...Tasty :)